The concept of perfection is one in which the mind believes that there is something to achieve. In doing so, the process of manifestation is limited to the perspective of the mind. The clearer the individual, the greater the possibilities. The limitations that arise from the individual’s perspective, based on his/her experiences and perceived realities, directly impact the ability to create. This is not as a result of the possibilities. All individuals have the capability to manifest equally. The limitations are set within the concepts that have been created. These concepts interfere with the ability to tap into the field of limitless possibilities, and as such the possible outcomes on the earthly plane.

To help one release the grip that the mind has on mediocrity, it is important to release all hold on how things must present themselves. Mediocrity is not a judgment based on good or bad. It is simply a way to define living strictly from the human perspective, meaning analyzing life from the perspective of the five senses and the analytical prowess of the mind.

In order to create from a higher state, one must be able to release the grip of the known. In this way, one can access the limitless perspective of spirit, where all is possible. In doing so, the sieve through which information in the form of thoughts and processed experiences disappears. There is no longer a contrived prerequisite. Whatever shows up is embraced and not rejected simply because it is not understood. This allows for the free flow of life to pour through. The individual becomes a true creator. Creation is simply the process of selection. Selection from all of the available possibilities, which we have said from the perspective of spirit are limitless. Creation from within the cage of the mind is mediocre. No judgment. Just limited.

To unleash the leash of lies that has been a stronghold on humanity, it is vital to enable the heart to come into full influence over the selection process. The mind can simply strategize. The heart is the knower of the path.

The first thing that must occur is that the individual releases the need to figure out how to create. This information is fully accessible to the heart. The heart knows the way. How is this accomplished? you may ask. Again, a rambling of the mind.

Simply sinking into the arena of the heart places all intent here and gently requests all knowledge to come forth. Simply sitting in silence with one’s attention on the heart is the beginning and ending of the process. Simply be with your heart. It is an invocation and invitation. It says, I am listening.

In a creative endeavor, one may put forth the intention. For example, I would like to see possible choices for my next step regarding…a job, a relationship, a project, etc. Then simply sit and focus on the heart. Do this until you are able to clearly receive the information you seek. And be open to how the answers will show up. It may take the form of a knowing or an image in the present moment, or it may show up in the days and weeks to come in a myriad of forms. It could be a news story, a friend’s dream, a conversation. Simply pay attention.

If it feels difficult to receive answers, keep on trying not to try. The seeming inability to receive guidance is a question of static, not presence. All answers are present and available now. Our ability to access what is there is a matter of our ability to turn off the mind in order to see clearly. Our quieting the mind is a repositioning of the antennae that allows us to tune into the right frequency. It quiets the noise to allow us access to what is being broadcast. This takes practice for some, but is available instantaneously to all.

In closing, you have two choices. Keep doing what you’re doing or do differently. Keep trying or release your need to understand. Behind door number one is struggle. Behind door number two is the wellspring of life. You get to choose.


ISABEL MARTIN-VENTURA. Author | Conscious Living Coach | Energy Healing Practitioner. Intuitive and practical. Helping individuals heal, connect and consciously create an authentic life of greater meaning, purpose and joy. Conscious life coaching and readings via phone, Skype or Facetime. In person energy healing/reiki sessions in Oyster Bay, Huntington, Glen Cove, Long Island, NY, and Astoria, Queens, NYC. Personal development workshops in Long Island and New York City, NY.

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