I invite you to take a listen to my guest appearance on Janelle Hardy’s Personal Mythmaking podcast.

In the first part of the interview, I play storyteller recounting Mary De Morgan’s fairy tale, Though the Fire.

At about minute 19:49, we dive into the symbolism of the tale, as seen by yours truly. As we explore the seeming impossible love between the Fire Princess Pyra and the Water Prince, Fluvius, we arrive at facing our shadow, embracing fear, healing our wounds, and realizing that at times, it is in our metaphoric death that we are reborn into a new way of being.

Our discussion continues to thoughts on how creativity is expressed, including the part of my spiritual journey that led me to channeling as automatic writing.

Finally, we touch upon the relationship to my body, and how I have navigated my walk with my physical counterpart.

I hope you will take a listen. May it offer you a perspective that serves you well.

What are your thoughts?

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