A Wellness Retreat ~ Chile April 2016

Chile Wellness Retreat A WELLNESS RETREAT
Mountains of Chile ~ April 11-21, 2016

Join us in this expedition of adventure and self discovery!

A journey to find your Wild Goddess within and go beyond self limitations into the sacred mystery of the Feminine. All in a magnificent setting of mountains peaks, waterfalls, volcanoes and rivers.

In this beautiful and freeing environment, there will be time for adventure, solitude, circle sharing, joyful ceremonies and enjoying evening campfires.

The intention is a gradual personal transformation into becoming who you truly are!



PHASE 1 ~ San Alfonso, Cajon del Maipo
We will begin our journey of self healing in San Alfonso, Cajon del Maipo, a small town in the foothills of the Andes mountains along the Maipo river where by horseback we will ascend to the higher Mountains and sleep under the stars. Through joyful ceremonies we will celebrate the Goddess within and spark our Inner Fire to live life fully, as we were meant to do!  We will work to heal, expand ourselves and reconnect to our Life Source.
Ceremonies will include:
~ Waterfall cleansing
~ Sweat Lodge
~ Painting your own Kultrun (Medicine drum of the Mapuche Indian)
~ Herbal and plant dying classes
~ and much more.
During this phase of our journey, we will be working with a world-known Chilean Medicine woman!

Pucon Chile
PHASE 2 ~ Pucón 
Pucón is a spiritual and magical place, a destination for the outdoor adventurer and pleasure seeker alike. We will continue our journey and work enjoying our time together, sharing and practicing personal growth!
We will be:
~ Light trekking to the El Cañi and/or Huerquehue National Park
~ Bathing in the hot spring of Los Pozones
~ Visiting Lake Caburga
~ Light Trekking the Villarica Volcano National Park
~ Visiting local markets (Yes!, a girl needs to shop!)
~ Practicing daily Meditation, Ki Gong and Gratitude offerings to the Pachamama
(Mother Earth)
In Pucon, we will be working with an amazing and beautiful Chilean Healer of women!

Individual Energy Healing and Reiki will be available during the trip.
Additionally, I will be offering private transformational coaching to support individuals along their journey.

Learn More About This Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip!

Waterfall  Water Swim  Fire

For complete itinerary and pricing or questions, please contact us:


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