Although not a poet, Isabel began channeling spiritually inspired poems in 2010. They are a call of the soul reminding us of our divinity and heralding us to live who we are – love in the now. There are over 600 poems to date.

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Free Mind

The mind awake
does watch all
and revels still
in love’s

The empty one
is filled to
Divinity inside
of he
who dwells to
be the empty
between the
tales of

The mind aware
does live to
commanded by


  1. Oh wow, I have channeled poetry also, but felt unsure about it. I recognize the feel of spirit in the poem you posted- soo beautiful! Cheryl

    1. I can understand how you feel. It too felt unbelievable when such beauty just “fell from the sky.” But with time and greater trust in the ways of spirit, it becomes gift to enjoy. I would love to read one of your poems if you would like to share. Best wishes!

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