The Soul’s Call to Awakening book

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Whether your vision is clouded or afraid to fly, this book will guide and encourage you to delve deep within, learn who you are, and to love thyself… read, sit back, and reflect. I thank the author for sharing her poems and journey, and for opening up my window. | Yianna

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The Soul’s Call to Awakening is a soulful offering. Through the author’s commentary and channeled poetry, it attempts to give a voice to the soul as it reaches out for our attention, wooing us to go within.

It guides, encourages and enlightens us to see what is beyond our limited field of vision and understanding to a landscape of possibility where our true destiny awaits.

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The Soul’s Call to Awakening is a gift from the heavens. It is filled with beautiful poems that made me feel loved, supported, encouraged, enlightened and free. It really speaks to the soul! The Soul’s Call to Awakening is a magical journey from a linguistic goddess. What an incredible book – the poems are spectacular and enchanting. I thoroughly enjoying reading this and continue to reference it often. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching…. | Samantha

A book of beautiful poems, absolutely, but it is also a workbook that helps you to discover who and what you really are and what we are all capable of as spiritual beings living on this planet. An easy read that will reach the depths of your soul. A Masterful writing directly from heaven given to a beautiful soul who was open to receiving and sharing it. | K.C.

The enchanting poetry channeled by Isabel Martin-Ventura in the The Soul’s Call to Awakening has the ability to remove the “veil” of illusion and bring you to an immediate experiential experience that can connect you to the FREEDOM, TRUTH and ONEness of ALL, which can AWAKEN you to your true, infinite being. I highly recommend this book to all searchers and finders… | Maria

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