Client Love

Beautiful, heart, mind and soul–is not your run-of-the-mill coach. She works with a deep understanding using a combination of energy healing, intuition and intellect to help navigate purpose-of-life quandaries. | C.M.

…I’ve felt so light hearted and calm since our session. Later that day when I was home, my 2yr old looked at me smiling big and said “mommy happy mommy happy!!!” This isn’t something he’s ever said before so I believe he could truly sense the difference… | D.D.

…I “FEEL” phenomenal! I have so much energy shifting and moving around…Most importantly, I feel chi/energy moving throughout my whole body again…I have so much more strength in my hands and feet and can feel my feet! I’m beyond thrilled! I’m still integrating the messages and epiphanies I had during our session…Reprogramming new stories that better serve my highest potential…Thank you again for honoring me with your nurturing touch and channeling healing energy for me. | Lily

Isabella, you are more spirit than physical and your message not to run is so simple and profound.  Your way of speaking entered my core zone like water flowing through the tiniest cracks. I will keep your message with me… | Cynthia

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I am feeling good!…On Tuesday a switch flipped. Suddenly new ideas came back to me…I am in a good flow and progressing as good as I never did before…one might say it was just coincidence…or one can say you opened a channel…Thank you Isabel. | Leo

I recently received a reiki energy healing session with Isabel. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had with reiki because during the exchange she also delivers channeled messages. It was like I felt a real weight being lifted, from the beginning of our session to the end. I feel as if I am able to see more clearly now my life as it is, and I felt a change in me the very next day. Isabel was able to give me the gift of truth, an insight which sets the stage for continued healing. She truly fosters a vortex of healing energy and it is such a gift to have had experienced the beauty of her souls work. Thank you!!!!!! | Kaitlin

I had the pleasure of attending a group channeling with Isabel. I have never experienced anything quite like it. Isabel was kind, compassionate, and impassioned, but aside from her empathetic eloquence, her channeling ability was incredible. She was a vessel, holding the space for us all, and opening us up to heart-reaching truths. This one experience caused exciting shifts in my space that I had not expected. Thank you, Isabel! | Jillian

Isabel is a gentle soul who was put on this planet to help others. Her guidance helped me to understand some of the things I was going through, as well as some past experiences, and that understanding has assisted me tremendously. | Kathy

…You have been an amazing help to me. I am feeling well and no longer have chronic stomach pain, but more importantly I am focused on staying positive and releasing energy from past unpleasant events. I am so happy. I look forward to working with you again. You are amazing and do wonderful work. Thank you so much! | Teresa

I recently attended a group channel with Isabel. The information she shared was delivered with love and compassion. Everyone validated what she had to say. Her energy was gentle while the messages she shared were powerful. Isabel is a gifted soul with much to share. I recommend anyone with questions, concerns, curiosity, or anyone searching for guidance or healing to reach out to Isabel. Isabel’s nonjudgmental approach is sure to please! | Ginny

Thank you so, so much for you being kind and supportive … I felt listened to, seen and understood for the whole time I was with you, and it was a wonderful experience for me…I am grateful I’ve had this privilege and opportunity to meet you, ISABEL | Liliana

Isabel is a true soul, I cant believe how great I felt after our first session, not only she listens to you and give you great advice also her energy is unbelievable. I felt much lighter after I talked to her. I got so lucky to have her in my life. | N.M.


Isabel was amazing. Through her conference call I got relief from the problems and find a solution for my sadness. | Anna D.

I attended a work shop from renowned Reiki Master and author Isabel Martin Ventura. It was a remarkable class. | R.L.

Isabel – thank you SO much for last nights call and the coaching demonstration you did with us. That was really powerful. | Karen R.

I just had my first call with Isabel Martin-Ventura. I feel blessed to have connected with this pure soul. She is an amazing intuitive creature that will is bringing light and healing to those around her. I highly recommend her. I  L.T.C.

Isabel has a really great knack for finding hidden blocks and dynamics that may be impeding your peace of mind or forward progress. I was able to take tangible action on some of the key insights she shared with me and the results have been profound. | Tony

Just completed the four week Transforming Patterns webinar with Isabel. It proved to be an inspirational and informative experience. Isabel is a kind, patient and insightful listener. The webinar was well organized. Each week new topics were introduced that helped to expand and clarify topics from weeks prior. Isabel did a great job of choosing images and quotes that resonated. This really helped to build a deeper understanding of my less than optimal “patterns.” I did notice shifts in my behavior and feelings even after the first session. This continued throughout. At the end of the four weeks, I have come away with some very concrete tools and techniques to keep me on the path of changing things in my life that need changing. Most importantly, hope that my life can be different has been restored. Thank you, Isabel. | Patricia

I went to a workshop last night…It was awesome, incredible. I came away from it starting to heal long time wounds, energized beyond belief and feeling a strong sense of hope for my life not yet lived. I don’t know why I went. I saw it somewhere and just knew I had to go. I’m so grateful I did. I C.S.

I don’t believe in accidents. I believe that God places people in your life (whether an acquaintance or a longer investment) to help you grow into who you are to become. I am grateful for Isabel’s presence, guidance, wisdom, and authenticity in my life. During a time in my life that was defined by transition and dramatic shifts in my spiritual, physical, mental, and relational well being, she helped guide me to a truth about myself I have been fearful to embrace. She helped me organize and prioritize my procrastinating self to find the inner peace I seek in my chaotic life and helped me to learn to accept this version of me in this season. My mantra: “this suckiness is temporary” haha. I can’t thank her enough for this. | Jenny

I’ve asked Isabel for help in a very difficult period of my life when all I could feel was fear and anger. Even though we have been speaking through Skype, I’ve always felt her closeness and her presence like a warm embrace. Her intuitions led right to the core of things and guided me to my deepest and true emotions. I felt understood and respected and she has helped me get in touch with my real and deepest needs. Her advice is very practical and can easily be implemented in everyday’s routine. I can say that I’m gradually learning to observe myself from different angles and understand my own dynamics…this makes me feel good! Thank you Isabel! | Maya

Isabel Martin-Ventura is a naturally gifted coach with whom I participated in a series of career coaching sessions.  Isabel brought a wide range of experience and skills to the coaching process, remaining spontaneous and flexible while keeping  me focused and on target to meet my goals. Isabel has the insight and tools to examine and clear unconscious blocks  in order to move forward in one’s life.  If you are seeking a talented, resourceful and supportive coach then I highly recommend that you contact Isabel Martin-Ventura! | Carrie

I had issues but wasn’t honest enough to admit and confront them. Sometimes I may have missed the essence of what was really troubling me, only looking at so trivial things. Isabel helped me see them with a broader view, so I could see a big picture and realize what is really important to me. Her coaching is so compassionate yet logical. Her intuition helped me find answers to my questions in life and to move forward to make the change. I am so grateful for her persistence and for truly engaged devotion to our coaching sessions. I am now so much more confident in coping and challenging what lies ahead because I am clear about my life purpose. Thank you!  | Min-joo

She has helped me get through some very difficult times and her treatments have made me emotionally stronger.  The insight has helped me to change and given me direction.  | Nunzio

Under Isabel’s gentle guidance and teaching, I asked questions of myself, conjured up past experiences and examined (through writing) my life and why I am wired the way I am, not to judge the findings, simply to identify them.  She has truly been given the gift of intuition, teaching and primarily healing. | Helen

…Her workshops are a must.  They are an opportunity to travel inward and end up in a higher place.  They are enlightening, fun, an opportunity to connect to my true self and others and to see myself and my life in a new light, healing, heart-opening experience, an opportunity to connect body, mind and spirit.  You go home with a new perspective. | Maria

Isabel has such warmth emanating from her. She guides with pushing by having you set reasonable goals and then checks in on your follow through. I worked with Isabel and learned simple yet previously unknown skills on moving forward with my life. Thank You, Isabel!  | A.P.


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