Wisdom to Consider


A compilation of messages covering topics from faith and forgiveness to sex and change, Wisdom to Consider speaks to the human condition, its connection to the Divine and the ways in which these two may be forged to bring about a greater sense of peace, fulfillment and alignment with the true self.

Excerpt from Heart’s Awareness

“One always knows the truth.  Always.  When this is denied, there is an energetic incongruence that causes the heart to “beat” – energetically – in misstep. When these fluctuations occur repeatedly, an energetic pattern that is non-life-feeding can be established causing other energetic imbalances to ensue.

To correct these, one must focus back on the heart and meditations of truth.”

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Channeled Poetry

Isabel Martin-Ventura Channeled Poetry

Although not a poet, Isabel began channeling spiritually inspired poems in 2010. They are a call of the soul reminding us of our divinity and heralding us to live who we are – love in the now. There are nearly 550  poems to date.

I Shine
Enamored with
the will to live
I rise
above all thoughts
of you.
And there,
I refrain
from nothing
but my will
to shine
and shine
and shine
until I disappear
amidst the
light of my

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