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Consciously Live Who You Are


Isabel Martin-Ventura book photo

It is only when you connect and live life in alignment with your true essence that you can find the authentic joy, peace and fulfillment that you are seeking.


Understand themselves and life circumstances from a deeper, spiritual perspective.
Get unstuck.
Consciously create.


Share where you are on your journey, and I’ll let you know if I think I can help.

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I recently attended a group channel with Isabel. The information she shared was delivered with love and compassion. Everyone validated what she had to say. Her energy was gentle while the messages she shared were powerful. Isabel is a gifted soul with much to share. I recommend anyone with questions, concerns, curiosity, or anyone searching for guidance or healing to reach out to Isabel. Isabel’s nonjudgmental approach is sure to please!


…I “FEEL” phenomenal! I have so much energy shifting and moving around…Most importantly, I feel chi/energy moving throughout my whole body again…I have so much more strength in my hands and feet and can feel my feet! I’m beyond thrilled! I’m still integrating the messages and epiphanies I had during our session…Reprogramming new stories that better serve my highest potential…Thank you again for honoring me with your nurturing touch and channeling healing energy for me.


I went to a workshop last night…It was awesome, incredible. I came away from it starting to heal long time wounds, energized beyond belief and feeling a strong sense of hope for my life not yet lived. I don’t know why I went. I saw it somewhere and just knew I had to go. I’m so grateful I did.


Isabel has such warmth emanating from her. She guides with pushing by having you set reasonable goals and then checks in on your follow through. I worked with Isabel and learned simple yet previously unknown skills on moving forward with my life. Thank You, Isabel!


Isabella, you are more spirit than physical and your message not to run is so simple and profound.  Your way of speaking entered my core zone like water flowing through the tiniest cracks. I will keep your message with me especially when…