Consciously Live Who You Are

It is only when you connect and live life in
alignment with your true essence
that you can find the authentic joy, peace and fulfillment
that you are seeking.

For this to happen, you must be willing
to dive into answering the question, 

I Help People

Understand themselves and life from a deeper, spiritual perspective

Improve Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Get unstuck

Consciously create

awaken to their purpose


Share where you are on your journey, and I’ll let you know if I think I can help.


Client Love

“Isabel has a really great knack for finding hidden blocks and dynamics that may be impeding your peace of mind or forward progress. I was able to take tangible action on some of the key insights she shared with me and the results have been profound.”

“I am feeling good!…On Tuesday a switch flipped. Suddenly new ideas came back to me…I am in a good flow and progressing as good as I never did before…one might say it was just coincidence…or one can say you opened a channel…Thank you Isabel.”

“Beautiful, heart, mind and soul–is not your run-of-the-mill coach. She works with a deep understanding using a combination of energy healing, intuition and intellect to help navigate purpose-of-life quandaries.”

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The Soul’s Call to Awakening

The Soul’s Call to Awakening is a soulful offering. Through the author’s commentary and channeled poetry, it attempts to give voice to the soul that reaches out for our attention, wooing us to go within. It guides, encourages, and enlightens us to see what is beyond our limited field of vision and understanding to a landscape of possibility where our true destiny awaits.


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