Tell the truth. free yourself.

Life takes work.
Whether you try or not it takes work.
Life is simple, but not always easy.
You have been told untruths about life, who you are, and how to best live it.
If you want to live in joy, you must tell the truth.
The truth of what has happened to you.
The truth about who you are.
The truth about who you want to be.
And the only person who truly needs to hear it is you.
If anything is hidden, you will not feel at ease.
You may think it doesn’t matter.
It was too long ago.
It takes too much effort.
It matters.
You always know the truth.
Attempting to keep it from yourself is a fool’s game.
There are no winners.
If you want to be well, you must look.
Look into every nook and cranny of yourself.
Hold someone’s hand if need be.
But look.
You will find that what you fear is a well of pure life.
It is you, waiting to be freed.




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