An intuitive reading with Isabel is an opportunity to receive higher guidance and insight into current situations, relationships, and life purpose.  It may help you gain clarity and new perspective sparking a shift toward healing and transformation.

Isabel can help you to connect and know your self and life from a deeper, more spiritual perspective, understand the patterns that you keep reliving, and come away with a renewed sense of self, inspiration and purpose.

As a channel, Isabel has the intuitive ability to connect with higher spiritual energies to bring forth messages for greater understanding, love and healing.

Skype / FaceTime / Phone sessions:
$25 for 20 minutes | $50 for up to 45 minutes.
50-minute In-Person Sessions:  $88.

To schedule your private reading, click the appropriate Pay Now button below.


20-minute Skype/FaceTime/Phone reading



45-minute Skype/FaceTime/Phone reading



50-minute in-person reading.

In-person reading locations: Huntington, Glen Cove, Astoria, Oyster Bay


Questions?  Contact Isabel directly below:
(Please check your spam folder if you have not received a response within 48 hours).


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