isabel-martin-ventura-photo-3I help people see themselves and their lives in ways they never did before.  This new-found perspective opens the door to having the freedom to choose a life of greater meaning, purpose, and joy.

If you would ask people who know me well to describe me, they would probably say that I am highly intuitive, yet also down-to-earth, objective and practical.  I am blessed with the ability to ask the right questions, and I listen. Really listen.  So I hear what you are saying and also what you may need to hear. This leads people to find the missing pieces of themselves and connect the dots so that the puzzle of who they are comes together and makes sense.  In having the ability to intuit and channel, I connect people with deeper spiritual guidance to help them understand their current life situations, relationships and purpose from a higher perspective.

I have a psychology degree from New York University, am an ICF certified coach, specializing in mental health and emotional wellbeing, and have studied various complementary healing techniques including Reiki. I have been supporting individuals in their personal development and healing through workshops and individual sessions for over 15 years.  Channeled written works include The Soul’s Call to Awakening, Wisdom to Consider, and hundreds of spiritually inspired poems.

I have traveled to many parts of the world and met many interesting people along the way.  Ultimately, I’ve found that the people who experience the greatest sense of joy and peace are those who truly know themselves and live in alignment with their truth.

It is my greatest honor to help others know themselves on a deeper level and witness the unfolding freedom to pursue the unlimited possibilities for their life.

Would you like to set up an appointment?  Maybe you have a question, comment or suggestion? I would love to hear from you!

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What are your thoughts?

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