Let’s face it, most of us aren’t taught the art of living. Sometimes, we need a bit of assistance in figuring out how to get to where we want to be or maybe even figure out where it is we want to go. Sometimes, the bigger question is who am I, really?

Life coaching can be that help. Coaching is a partnership.  The purpose is to help an individual reach a higher, better place in life. The coach supports, guides, brainstorms, and holds the client accountable for the changes he or she wants to make.

Just like a great sports coach helps an athlete reach the highest level of his or her potential, a life coach can assist a person expand the vision for his or her life and get the results they seek or never even dreamed were possible.  By supporting the client with proven tools and techniques, the path to creating more satisfying relationships, career, health and life balance becomes clearer, helping dreams become actual reality.  Life begins to have greater meaning and purpose.

I just had my first call with Isabel Martin-Ventura. I feel blessed to have connected with this pure soul. She is an amazing intuitive creature that will is bringing light and healing to those around her. I highly recommend her. | L.T.C.


Close, MEANINGFUL relationships
A deeper CONNECTION to something greater
– A greater sense of PEACE and PURPOSE
– Living more of the POTENTIAL you know is WITHIN

I’ve asked Isabel for help in a very difficult period of my life when all I could feel was fear and anger…Her intuitions led right to the core of things and guided me to my deepest and true emotions. I felt understood and respected and she has helped me get in touch with my real and deepest needs. Her advice is very practical and can easily be implemented in everyday’s routine. I can say that I’m gradually learning to observe myself from different angles and understand my own dynamics…this makes me feel good! | Maya


CONNECT more deeply with the Real You.
Gain CLARITY and FREE yourself of patterns that do not support you.

Isabel has a really great knack for finding hidden blocks and dynamics that may be impeding your peace of mind or forward progress. I was able to take tangible action on some of the key insights she shared with me and the results have been profound. | Tony

Explore Conscious Living Coaching
Schedule 20/20 Vision Call below:

During our call you will tell me what you’re looking to improve on, and I’ll briefly share how I work and if I think I can help.

If you want to continue exploring, we will set up your first coaching session during which time we will go more deeply into your specific needs and goals.  If we both agree to continue with our coaching partnership, we will set up a coaching agreement and you will make your first payment.

If we decide it is not a good fit, we will wish each other well and no payment is required.


(Please check your spam folder if you have not received a response within 48 hours).

Isabel helped me see with a broader view, so I could see a big picture and realize what is really important to me. Her coaching is so compassionate yet logical. Her intuition helped me find answers to my questions in life and to move forward to make the change. I am now so much more confident in coping and challenging what lies ahead because I am clear about my life purpose. ~ Min

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