People Will Think I Am Crazy

Blog Header BlueBeing who we are requires an intimate relationship with our inner voice, and living who we are requires the courage to act on that knowing.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that people will think you are crazy if you followed through on an impulse that is in your heart? Maybe you quietly feel that no one would understand. Or maybe that thought or feeling does not even make rational sense to you, but there is a voice that keeps bringing the idea to your awareness.

Being content calls for our living in alignment with who we really are. Even if all looks picture perfect from the outside, if we deny ourselves the experiences that are in agreement with our values, gifts and purpose, we will not be satisfied.

The good news is that if we listen, we will be able to hear how to live who we are. Draw, sing, take a class, go to India, take up knitting, change your job, have a child, end the friendship, help save the planet. If the thought is recurrent, ask yourself, what might be on the other end of that adventure? What knowledge, joy or healing could be waiting for me on the other side?

Many times our minds will interfere in the pursuit of our dreams by letting us know that they are impossible, unfounded or just too plain silly to explore. This is the voice of fear. Not being understood, feeling alone or thinking that people will think we lost our minds are all ways that the brain uses to trick us into staying exactly where we are.

We create our lives. Every action we take, whether deliberate or not, is a choice that affects the way our life unfolds. Unlocking our vision is a must in creating the path towards fulfillment. Only you hold the key.

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