Living Fearlessly. Being Who You Are.

bw-woman-face-closeup-2When we are truly connected to who we really are, we create from a perspective of pure joy. We become a perfect conduit for what wants to move through us. When we allow fear to play a role in what we are hoping to create, we obstruct the proverbial “flow,” impeding the quality and magnitude of our creation.

I recently heard Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God say, “we know who we are by expressing it.” Paradoxically, expressing ourselves requires that we get out of the way. Who we really are is not fearful. Who we really are is pure love. So, if we allow fear to be the filter for how we want to express ourselves, we can rest assured that we are not truly connecting with our real self.

Enter courage. If you want to live your life from the perspective of who you really are, you must summon the courage to express who you are. It is not enough to know what is inside; you must express it in order to experience it. In doing so, you allow the higher energy of who you are to become real in your physical life. You begin to walk who you are and embody the example for others who are searching for themselves.

Are you living who you are? Ask yourself:
Am I changing what I say, how I dance, paint, write, teach, learn, live or love because I’m afraid of how it will be judged?

If so, ask:
How can I begin to be more authentic to my true desires?

Remember, the unfolding of you is a process. Have compassion for yourself, and look for help along the way. The real you awaits!





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