21-Day Love Experiment

21 Day Love Experiment Full

Let’s join in an experiment to find out how the simple act of repeating the word “Love” can impact your life.

You are invited to participate in a 21-Day Love Experiment to see how the power of the word love manifests in your life.

Starting April 7th, we will simply meet via telephone (call in number will be provided closer to start date) every night at 9 PM EST and repeat the word “Love” 108 times.

Your deep commitment to this practice is very important as your presence will support the group as a whole. Please join only if it is your intention to participate wholeheartedly. If you are unable to be present during a call, you are asked to mentally connect with the group and repeat the word love wherever you are.

At the end of the 21-day cycle, we will share any experiences, events and/or insights that have manifested in our lives. That’s it!

I’m excited to share this experience with you and witness the magic that love can create!

Join us by filling your contact information below or by connecting on the 21-Day Love Experiment Facebook page.




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