Lessons from a Robin’s Nest. The Owner’s Manual on Being You.

Lessons from A Robin's NestI recently had the wonderful experience of being able to witness the birth and nurturance of four robins. Mama robin (with Papa’s help, I learned after a little research) nestled her beautifully built nest right outside a window in my home, and I was able to witness the magic in action. It was a demonstration and reminder of faith and the innate wisdom present within all living things, including ourselves.

Mama Robin knew what she was doing. The nest was tightly woven, sturdy and strategically placed. The blue eggs she laid were protected on all sides within the rhododendron that was home. To my relief, the nest hardly moved even when the winds of a strong storm seemed to shake everything else around.

Mama sat on her eggs for a few day until to my delight four (not so cute but miraculous) chicks became my new neighbors. Over the following days, I observed the unrelenting work of their feeding. Mama became somewhat thinner as she constantly flew back and forth to bring food to her hungry brood. It was incredible to see their disproportionate mouths swing wide open with necks outstretched each time she (and he) arrived. One day they opened their eyes, and then one morning, they were all gone.

How did the robin family know what to do? How to build, where to nest, how to feed, when to leave? There were no instruction books, no manuals. I did not catch any procrastination or wondering on how and if they would do a good job. No self doubt. No fear. Just flow. They simply were. Robins. Robins doing robin things.

Many times we forget that like robins, we too come with instructions included. Humans are the only species that questions its ability to be. All other beings in nature go with the flow. They are connected to the innate intelligence that guides and orchestrates all of life.

So when we say, I don’t know who I am, or I don’t know what my purpose is, what we’re really saying is I’m disconnected. I can’t see clearly. I have forgotten how to hear myself.

The good news is that it is all inside you now. You already have the owner’s manual on who you are and how to do “you things.” The robin has faith in its instinct to mate and nurture its young, and so it does. That is our lesson for being.

What impulses come from your heart? What calling is inside of you waiting to be expressed? These are your own personal instructions on being you. The question is, do you have the faith to act upon the impulses and take action? If not yet, keep in mind that faith is a decision, and you can always choose differently.

Need help in finding your owner’s manual? Contact me to start getting you on your way.




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