Start Where You Are. Step Toward Where You Want to Be.

Path NameI was speaking with a financial expert, and I asked, what is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to money?  Her response, “nothing.” So many times the road ahead seems impossibly daunting.  Too high the climb.  To steep to fall.  We become paralyzed and neglect to take any action in the direction of our goals and dreams.  If however we are able to take a breath and start right where we are, we will find ourselves moving closer to where we want to be.

You may be thinking it is too much weight to lose. Too much time has passed since you have communicated with a loved one.  Your dream is too big.  I see no possibilities. It’s too late to do something different.

This is your fear talking.  Translation: I will fail.  I will be rejected.  I am alone and unsupported.

Take a moment to ask yourself, what is something that I have wanted to do, but still have not? Then think about the possible underlying fear that is keeping you from moving forward. Look at it with eyes wide open and accept that this fear is present. No judgments. Simply it is present.

Then, if your goal is something that you truly want, start where you are regardless of what your mind keeps saying. Begin with the smallest step that feels manageable to you. It may be a walk around the block, or maybe just a couple of steps.  It may be daring to share your dream with a friend or simply picking up a course catalog for a degree you have been thinking about. The key is to consistently take action, no matter how small.

And do yourself a favor.  Dig deep and resist the impulse to compare yourself and your situation with anyone else.  Release any negative beliefs saying you should be somewhere else.  You are where you are.  It does not matter where anyone else is in their lives and how that compares to yours.  What matters is where you want to be and what you are willing to do to try and get there.

In the words of Anais Nin, “life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” You are already perfectly equipped to be who you are.  Your only job is to express it. Now get to it!




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