Healing the Hurt Family Dynamic Post the 2015 Supermoon Lunar Eclipse.

There is something in the ethers. Surrounding and following the supermoon lunar eclipse of 2015, I have heard so many strikingly similar stories and am moved to share these observations in case you are experiencing the same.

It has to do with family, buried feelings, setting boundaries and healing. It runs deep and is painful. It could mean the end of a relationship or the beginning of a more balanced, loving one.

The stories go something like this. There are unresolved feelings and unhealthy dynamics between close family members. These issues are long-standing and have created pain and discomfort for all members, although not all parties would admit this. There is a deep need for change and healing.

Then something happens. There is a trigger, and like a volcano, there is an eruption of anger, hurt, unsaid words, and emotion that comes spewing forth to the surface after many years of being repressed. One person will bring to light all the issues that have not been healed and will attempt to set boundaries and rules for a new way of relating. The other is left with a choice. Will I agree to participate in the healing of this relationship and of the patterns that have been long-standing, or will I retreat into defensiveness and victimhood?

There is something in the ethers that is calling us to release what does not serve, move towards healing and establish a more loving and truthful way of being in relationship. In true connection.

If you are experiencing such a painful episode, and even if you’re not, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I being honest with myself and the other person about how I feel about the relationship?

Do I honor myself by expressing how I want to be treated and what is acceptable or do I say nothing to keep the peace?

What is the most loving action I can take when it comes to this relationship?

If you are in the midst of this dynamic, you are probably feeling quite emotional and being faced with some difficult decisions. Keep in mind that this is a clearing process meant to bring you higher in your ability to authentically connect with others and heal parts of yourself that are interfering with your ability to love.

It is a gift. It is an opportunity to forgive the other person, and as importantly, yourself. It may not be easy, but there is something in the ethers that says, it is time.




What are your thoughts?

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