Before the Resolution. Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Sparkler uOut with the old, in with the new, so the saying goes.

And in most cases what we’re hoping for is that the new will be better and brighter than what we are leaving behind.

This may explain why 45% of Americans frequently make New Year’s resolutions (17% will give it an infrequent go and 38% are not interested at all). The problem is that of those who try, only 8% succeed.

Goals are important for creating positive changes, and the beginning of the year is a great time as it can give you an extra boost of energy to get started. The problem is that resolutions usually focus on a symptom disguised as a problem.

It’s not the weight. Or being single. Or a lack of money.  Or procrastination. These are only signs that there is something behind the scenes interfering with your best interest.

In order to make resolutions stick, we must address what is at the core of the issue. Focusing solely on the symptom is like putting a band-aide on an open wound. The bleeding will continue. The bandage will get soaked and sooner or later, it will fall off.

Before making a resolution, it it important to decipher what is really going on.  What are you afraid will happen if you actually make a change? What is the benefit of staying right where you are?  If you can’t think of any answers right away, try a little harder. There is a definite fear, and you are getting a payoff. Or else you would have a different experience.

To help you get to the core of the matter,  I am offering a complimentary call to help you step into 2016 with your best foot forward!

Join me on JANUARY 6th at 8PM for a Free “BEFORE THE RESOLUTION” Call.

I will guide you to discover what needs your immediate attention, what is lurking behind the scenes and how to get on track for making 2016 happier and more fulfilling!

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