In Fields in Bloom ~ A Poem

If you knew at the core that you are perfect and worthy, how would your life change? Would you laugh more? Would you cry less? Would you love differently?

In Fields in Bloom is a gentle reminder that you already are what you have been waiting for.


In Fields in Bloom
You see yourself
a little bud,
encased in possibility,
but in reality
you are a forest
of daffodils in bloom.
You wait with bated breath
for your unfolding,
but you, my dear
already have enveloped
the world with your fragrance.
Fear not the hows or whens
or maybe thens.
Be you in bloom
as you were born,
without reproach or normal doom,
to account for the blessings
you bring.
Oh beauty within.
Oh morning star.
You shine yet know yet
not how far.
Do not await
a morning dawn
to reunite with
your now belonging.
To thee is given.
To thee fear not.
Do not believe
you’ve yet to see
the magnificence that
is already Thee.

~channeled by, Isabel Martin-Ventura




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