I Used to Believe in Purpose

Tree shoes

I used to believe in the importance of “finding one’s purpose.” Now I see that being attached to this mindset often becomes a crutch that prevents us from experiencing exactly what it is that we are longing to create. We become distracted and locked-in to the illusion that we must search beyond ourselves to find our meaning. We literally put ourselves on hold thinking that only when we discover this illusive be-all, then and only then will we be happy and fulfilled. This is akin to turning a room upside-down in search of the tip of our nose.

Now I am not saying that we are not all special, holding the promise of a unique contribution. We are, and we do. It is simply that many of us are misguided and looking in hollow places. It might serve us well to look to nature for guidance, as nature is never confused. A tree for example helps to sustain life by offering oxygen. One might conclude that this is its most significant purpose. However, the tree does not ponder on how it is to make its mark and contribute in meaningful ways. Instead, it does what it is designed to do. It does tree things. It is a tree and in being such, fulfills its promise.

Instead of searching for our purpose, it is much more compassionate, effective and practically speaking, efficient to simply express what within wants to be expressed. There is nothing “out there” waiting to be discovered. There is only the one inside that wants to come forth.

When we honor ourselves by expressing our longings, we live our purpose. It’s as simple as that. Just be who you are and express it in the world. Mission accomplished!




What are your thoughts?

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