Channeling Spirit. A Poem

Some of you may know that I channel poetry, so I thought I’d share the process with you. Although “I,” Isabel, have never written a poem,  there is now an opening that allows a poetry to flow through me whenever I decide to put pen to paper.

At times, spirit seems to move in mysterious ways. I say, just go with the flow!

The video is slightly sped up, but the actual process was a minute and a half.



To love your life,
be seamlessly
aligned with your
From here you
flow to your
heart’s content.

Be alive.
You are the
gift that
trembles at
your door.
So be the
one who
wanders not
from you.

Be your life.
Your world.
Your self




2 responses to “Channeling Spirit. A Poem”

  1. Irene gunnion Avatar
    Irene gunnion

    I think that this is extremely touching —and hauntingly beautiful. It is comforting and gives the writer and reader a feeling of confidence and warmth of spirit — I write poetry mainly for my own pleasure and I’m aware of moments when I’m quite outside the words I key 🙏 thank you kindly for your share x. Best wishes. Irene

    Liked by 1 person


      Thank you Irene for yours.


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