Alive in You. Automatic Writing of a Poem

I have been channeling the written word for several years now. In automatic writing, messages, in this case in the form of poetry are produced without the conscious crafting of the person holding the pen.

I share with you “Alive in You,” a poem that as you can see in the video was channeled in less than two minutes. Spirit moves through us in many ways. This is just one of those expressions.

Blessings and enjoy!

~ Alive in You ~
I am the
here and now.
I summon you
to be
your destiny alive,
your every revelry.
Just walk and know
that you
bless all at
every turn.
Return not to
a life
off quiet
Be free!
In joy.
In all
you do!
You are
the answer
to it all.
Be free to
the One
who is




What are your thoughts?

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