Within Me

After meeting with a group of special friends, I received Within Me, a poem that reminds us that what we seek awaits within.

To dream unencumbered,
life’s delight.

To live freely,
your every right.

To swim in the
deep as you are.

Infinity’s plan,
God’s resolve.

To be like the
majestic and pure.

To live in the streams,
consciousness procured.

To live love alive,
your only cure.

To embrace your
royalty pure.

Fly to you now.
You wait for
you –

Joy freely living,
your presence renewed.

Free above all,
within and without.

Your divine pedigree,
alive and out loud.

Free yourself now.
No waiting for naught.
Be with you now,
the crown in
the sky
of revelry
calling you
to absolve
the nuisances of mental

Give in to your love.
No need for a test.

Be free above all,
to all you see.

Your semblance alive.
This is your decree.

Cry if you wish.
Laugh at it All.

Divinity waiting
for the mask
to unfold

revealing the truth
that bows at your

Serenity is the right that
you seek

when all along waiting
is your reply
to herald the
of your heart’s only

To be in your skin

and revel in life

with no other


then surrender it now.

Live in your

Your only task

All else will witness
your kneeling and bow.

(I suggested spirit start finishing the poem since it was getting long :). It continued…)

A tale to the story
you wish to contrive
is the making of one
who lives in a lie.
Be well and just
you are the prize

awaiting your answer –
your only reply.

Yes to life.
Yes to me.
Yes to you.

No other question
forever will do
to satisfy life
with secrets it keeps.

Be well with your hands.
Just step to the beat
of life alive with the
shoes that you make.

Walk to the corner.
Walk towards the gate.

Open the door
and there you will find

the smile in your
eye with the
only reply.

Welcome to me.

A pleasure, I bet!
I’ve been waiting for
to sing the refrain

of life loving* life,
no lesson to learn.

You are the query, the answer,
the verb.

Love here on earth
because you exist
to see your face
on whatever you feast.

You living life,
your only reply
when lesson becomes
the quest and the cry.

Stop and enjoy
the flower of you.
Bloom to become
what could only be

Divinity walking

with pedagogue feet.

No matter.
I see
and continue to

until my eyes

and there I find

where I just started
believing in jest,

that my every need
is waiting for me,
when it is the
answer that
sits within me.

*misread as “living” in audio.




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