The Only Resolution that Deeply Counts

As we welcome a new year, there is a collective impetus to “do better.”  Be healthier, nicer, more well rounded, etc. Many make the effort to devise a New Year resolution, but studies show that the vast majority of these fall through by February.

In my opinion, all resolutions are an attempt to come closer to expressing the highest version of ourselves that we intuit or hope that exists. It is an effort to come into alignment with our true self, masked in the veil of counting calories, bank account deposits and perhaps number of hours of charity work. The problem is that it is not about any of these things, so the resolution falls at the wayside because it does not fulfill our real longing.

So what’s the solution? Resolve to connect with yourself. Practice listening, honoring and expressing your authentic self. When we do this, all else starts organizing itself around our new way of being. Those things that we thought were difficult become easier to accomplish because we operate from a deeper sense of who we are.

My wish for you is that 2019 brings you closer to your essence where you will find the peace and joy that you seek. And as you perhaps ponder on how you will create your new year, I leave you with an excerpt from a poem that reminds us to be our own true, individual color and to accept ourselves fully for who we are.


from Kaleidoscope Awake 

In flying high
or flying low,
whichever path you
remember no one can
compare to the magic
that is you.
For blue knows not
the wonder of
yellow or of green.
Silly doesn’t it
to see white as a dream
you would wish to
try to be
if red is your true
Be enamored with
yourself my dear,
calluses and all….

Visit workshops & events for support to help you connect with your authentic self.





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