Acceptance. The Gunshot to Change

Acceptance is like the gunshot signaling the beginning of a race. It is not the race, the track, the runner, nor the motivation to run. It is a signal that states, I am ready to move.

Too often, we believe that acceptance means that we like, allow, condone, enable or embrace the present situation. As a result, we refuse to acknowledge what is and consequently get caught in precisely what we wish to change.

In order to move ahead in the direction of our choosing, we must be fully aware of where we find ourselves. This requires the self-permission and sometimes courage to see what is. Without acceptance of our present circumstance, how can we possibly choose purposefully? It is like being a blind-folded runner who is given a shot of tequila, spun around multiple times and then expected to expertly run the course to the finish line. Impossible. Or at the very least, highly unlikely.

Acceptance is key in order to create meaningful change. Only with acceptance do we have the awareness to consciously focus our energies in the direction of our choosing. Without acceptance, we remain perpetually at the starting line.

Acceptance states:
I see where I am. I see what has happened. I know what I feel.

You know that you have truly accepted the present situation when there is no emotional charge attached to the thought of whatever it is you are working on. There is a neutrality of sorts. An almost scientific assessment of what has happened and what is. You know where you stand, and you are prepared to create change.

It is unnecessary to know precisely where it is that you want to go. It is enough to acknowledge that you intend to move. You have engaged the power of acceptance. You are ready to run your course. And as long as you keep your eyes wide open, you will see the guideposts leading your path.

P.S. This race metaphor isn’t perfect. Your life is not a race. You get to decide if you will walk, run or remain still. My only suggestion is that you keep your eyes open and enjoy the sights along the way!


What are your thoughts?

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