A Special Gift. Creating Who You Are

This is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I am on the other end of the camera. As the warm, restorative waters envelop my body, my soul rises to the surface, filling me with a deep sense of gratitude and joy.

I had been drooling over images of the Blue Lagoon for years, imagining myself becoming a part of the mysterious, other-worldly landscape, and this year, for a “special” birthday, I chose the gift of creating the experience of my dreams.

Exploring unspoiled places and taking in the raw beauty of nature is when I feel most connected. For me, it is a palpable communion with the divine. It is when I feel most closely aligned with who I am.

Choosing and creating experiences that allow your essence to come to the surface is how to inspire a life well-lived. While the expression may be different from person to person, it is always about living from the perspective of who you are. The more closely aligned your thoughts and actions are with your essence, the greater your sense of joy and harmony.

My wish is for you to get crystal clear on who you are and to gift yourself the permission to create the life you dream.



What are your thoughts?

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