Epiphany’s Sunrise

Trying to figure out life and love is a fool’s game that will inevitably leave us feeling empty and lost. The mind is incapable of reaching or unleashing the heart, which is our deepest longing.

Merriam-Webster defines epiphany as “a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something.” We must proverbially lose our minds in order to arrive at love’s door and understand that which we have been striving to know.

Epiphany’s Sunrise

I know this life
defies all logic,
yet here I find
myself planning my
love’s reprise.

To be enamored,
I ask myself how
to bend time and
space to fit within
my heart’s horizon.

Impossible it is,
I find, to search
for life within
this carcassed

Yet on I go,
awaiting epiphany’s

(by Isabel Martin-Ventura)




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