What Is Your Event Horizon…Your Transformation Point of No Return?

During a recent healing session, I had the thought, what is your event horizon? I knew that I had heard of the term, but had no idea what it was. A quick Google search of “event horizon meaning” revealed: “a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.”

Hmmm. How is this supposed to help me? I thought.

A bit more digging led to Space.com, which explains that “The event horizon of a black hole is linked to the object’s escape velocity…The closer someone came to a black hole, the greater the speed they would need to escape…This means a black hole’s event horizon is essentially the point from which nothing can return.”

“…the point from which nothing can return.” Now this was something that I could start examining.
What is the point from which I cannot return?

The article further points out (regarding an event horizon) that “The name refers to the impossibility of witnessing any event taking place inside that border, the horizon beyond which one cannot see.”

Thoughts started to coalesce.
What is my event horizon?
What is the point of no return that will lead me to places, things and experiences that I cannot see from my current perspective?

(Insert thinking face emoji here).

These mental meanderings bring to mind the prospect of transformation. When we experience a transformation, a part of us becomes different. We pass through a threshold within ourselves from which we cannot return. And just like we are unable to see beyond an event horizon, we do not know how our life will be until the transformation has taken place.

Skyandtelescope.com’s What’s Inside a Black Hole? entry suggests that scientists do not really know the answer to the title’s query. And neither do we know what happens after transformation. This can be a scary prospective for many of us. We may have a call to change, but since we cannot know what our lives will look like after the shift, we stay put.

The fear of change is often the fear of the unknown.
What will it be like on the other side?
What if I don’t like it there?
Will I be able to return?

The answer is no. You cannot go back to your old way of being after transformation. And if you find yourself asking, what is it going to take for me to go to the next level? To go beyond where I am now. What is it going to take to become a higher version of myself, then you have probably begun your approach towards the proverbial black hole.

Perhaps reframing this looming unknown vortex of darkness into a multi-colored whirling dance of possibility will allow you to embrace your journey to a newer you with new-found enthusiasm. And, one unexpected day, you’ll discover the gravitational pull of your concerted efforts will be greater than your will to stay where you find yourself. And then, voila! In the words of Dr. Seuss in Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!”





What are your thoughts?

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