On Compassion

Today, I thought I’d share a short excerpt on compassion from Wisdom to Consider. Self-compassion or compassion shown to the other need not be grandiose. Even the smallest of gestures quiet the mind and soothe the soul.

It is what allows the grass to grow beneath the tree.

Today, let’s speak of compassion.  We all need it.  It is that by which the universe churns.  Love is its source. Compassion heals, ends wars, unites the cosmos.  It is a unitive force.  It aligns.  It renews.  It conquers inertia. It is born of the heart.  It has the ability to transverse all energies.  It is curative beyond all other measures.  It is never-ending. 

(Why does there seem to be a lack of compassion in our world?)
It is not lacking, but abundant.  In everyday lives, in everyday ways.  Compassion need not be dressed in grandiose appearances.  It is in the smallest of details – a look, a sigh.  It is everywhere.  It is the eyes that do not see.  It is what allows the grass to grow beneath the tree. It is the life that breeds life. 

(How can we be more compassionate?
By accepting compassion.




What are your thoughts?

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