Balancing Your Energies for an Optimal You | June 14


Join us for a fun, eye-opening and interactive evening to explore how you can work with your energies to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally while creating more positive experiences in your life.
An Optimal you awaits! You will:

  • Tune in and connect with your natural ability to sense energy.
  • Learn and practice the simple skill of muscle/energy testing to discover how the vibration of foods, thoughts and others’ energies can affect you.
  • Test and balance the state of your major energetic centers called chakras.
  • Learn simple techniques to clear and shield your energy field.
  • Explore the reasons why you may be struggling to create change in your life.
    Hint: Sometimes we think one thing, but our energies say another.

Isabel will help guide volunteers to uncover their own personal story behind their mixed messages.

DATE: June 14th | 7PM-9PM
LOCATION: The Inspired Soul 
 – 187 E. Main Street, Huntington, NY
FEE: $38

Please reserve your spot by completing payment below.


Balancing Your Energies for An Optimal You!

June 14, 2018 | 7PM-9PM


Isabel is an energy healing practitioner, author and intuitive coach. She began practicing energy medicine in 1997 and has been channeling the written word since 2009.  As a channel, Isabel has the ability to connect with higher spiritual energies to share messages of wisdom, comfort and love for an individual’s healing and support along his or her spiritual path. Written works include Wisdom to Consider, a compilation of messages speaking to the human condition and its connection to the Divine and nearly 600 spiritually inspired poems. Her latest book, The Soul’s Call to Awakening is will be available for purchase shortly.







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