Finding Your Way Beyond Judgment

reflection-waterWe live a dualistic existence. White/black, near/far, in/out. It is a necessary condition for it allows us to perceive the physical world. If you look around and try to imagine your reality without the concept of up and down or left and right, you will discover that it is impossible. Everything would collapse onto itself. Our sense of duality allows for the perception of space, enabling us see “everything in place.” The problem is that when we attempt to apply this way of thinking to find value in ourselves and others, we bypass the truth of our divinity, which exists beyond all physical laws.

The trouble starts with the idea of a separation between you and me. Next is the notion of good and bad. Put these together, and violà! Suddenly, you find yourself dredging through the messy and painful sludge called judgment.

We are used to living from the perspective of contrast, so it is our inclination to apply a similar thought process when trying to define who we are. We erroneously reason that in order to be “good,” there must be someone out there who is “bad.” By default, this means that there is a part of me that is bad, giving birth to a sense of being unworthy.

The only way to escape this never-ending maze of judgment is to connect with the true reality of who you really are; spirit living a physical experience. When you start relating to yourself and the world from this higher perspective, you free yourself from the chains of judgment.

To start, give yourself permission to believe that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with you. Your only task is to connect with who you are and bring that expression to life. No one is like you, therefore any comparison is pointless. See it solely as your mind’s attempt to organize and make sense of what it sees, but give it no further power.

In spite of what we perceive, all is connected. You cannot judge another without judging yourself, and when you judge yourself, you do the same to everyone.

When you begin to shift your consciousness beyond the constraints of the five senses, judgment can begin to dissolve, and then as if by magic, seeming imperfections become beautifully perfect. Only then are you free to be who you really are and experience the joy of your new-found way of seeing the world.





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