An Ode to Being Human

This is an ode to you. A song. A requiem of love.

You are human. No simple task. You seek to know life and stumble and fall, yet still you dredge on. Bravo to you!

You are human and therefore courageous. It is a prerequisite.

You are human and therefore know pain.

You may know love or have yet to discover the well of life within.

You have a heart that beats and blood that flows through your veins. You came into being because it was destined to be so. So here you are!

Regardless of how you look, think or share your life, you are not alone. We are here together. Being human.

You may have secrets about what has happened and who you think you are.

You may feel lonely, lost, hopeless, tired. You may silently think you are crazy. Unlovable. Yet still you march on.

You may valiantly seek to discover yourself and put forth your magic onto the world. Or you may have constructed a facade that keeps you hidden, even from yourself.

You are human and have the power of choice.

We are human. Spirit and flesh. We laugh and cry. Rise and fall.

Together, we witness and reflect the mystical, magical ride called life.

You are human. A blessing alive. Thank you for being here.




What are your thoughts?

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