Your Soul’s Call to Awakening

I started channeling written messages in 2009. I heard a voice in my head, much like a thought, saying “get a paper and pen.” I obliged, and so began my adventure with automatic writing. A year later, I started receiving poetry. I had never written a poem before in my life, and now there are nearly 600.

In case you’re wondering what this means, basically I hear and simultaneously write a word-for-word dictation of what I am receiving. Isabel’s mind has nothing to do with it. I am simply an observer of the process. (I recognize I just referred to myself in the third person. I haven’t lost it as was my husband’s concern when this all started happening).

So, why am I sharing this? Well, it’s time. There comes a time when we are presented with the opportunity to fully embrace the All of who we are “out loud.”  While it took me a minute (8 years to be precise) to officially share this aspect of myself with the world, I know that this is the “next step” on my journey. This is part of my soul’s call to awaken more fully to myself, and I share what I have been gifted with you through The Soul’s Call to Awakening book.

I encourage you to listen to your soul’s call and honor its musings. The opening sentence of my book is: “I don’t know much about much, but what I do know is that there is a part of each and every one of us that is deep and rich and magical.” May you know it to be true, down to the core of your being.


For a limited time, purchase of The Soul’s Call to Awakening through this website will include a personalized message written on the book.

The Soul’s Call to Awakening book

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