Sometimes Something is Happening When Nothing is Happening.

Newton’s Cradle displays the conservation of momentum and energy. Before you zone out, embrace your inner nerd, and stay with me. It may have something to do with you.

In this device, there are a series of metal spheres that are touching and suspended from a frame. When one sphere is moved away from the others and released, it strikes the adjoining one. None of the spheres along the line moves except for the one on the opposite end. This one in turn comes down to touch the one next to it, and so the movement continues.

The image of Newton’s Cradle came to mind while in session with a client. I thought it an elegant and beautiful image to help us understand that sometimes when it feels as if nothing is happening, things may be shifting below our level of awareness.

You may be feeling as if you have invested much time and effort into a project, relationship or situation, yet nothing feels like it is changing. It may be that it is time to shift gears, but it could also be that the energy that you have set into motion is working below the surface, and down the line, when the time is right, it will create desired changes.

Every thought, emotion and action is like moving that initial sphere. There will be a transference of energy. You are creating. Things are moving. But because of the complexity of it all (your brain, the universe, divine timing, etc.), it is not always easy or obvious to clearly see the result. The key is to stay aware, act on purpose, connect with your intuition and sprinkle trust into the equation to help you patiently wait for evidence of your effort.

Here are some thoughts to help you if you are feeling caught in the cradle:

  • What you think, feel and do really makes a difference. Embrace becoming more aware of your thoughts and conscious of the motivation behind your actions. You will be better equipped to directly impact that which you are seeking to create.
  • If something feels right, even if you still do not see results, keep going. Stuff is happening! Keep up your knowing anticipation.
  • Trust equals decreased resistance. Thoughts that are counterproductive to what we are trying to create slow down manifestation. Decreased resistance means a freer flow of energy. It helps things “show up” more quickly.
  • Go within. Find and connect with the still part of you. From this perspective, all is well.

Finally, remember that you are the creator of your life’s experience. You get to decide what you will attempt and how you will respond to what shows up. And just like the inner spheres in Newton’s Cradle, you already are simultaneous stillness and motion. Ponder that for a while, and see what happens!




What are your thoughts?

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