HEALING & EMPOWERMENT – A Transformational Day for Women | May 18

Whether you feel totally in the dark or know what is next, but need a spark to get going, the Women’s Day of HEALING & EMPOWERMENT will provide a sacred space for you to embark on a transformative experience to support you on your journey.

Through meditation, guided visualizations and discovery exercises, as well as sharing, Isabel will gently guide you to connect more deeply to uncover and release mental, emotional and spiritual blocks are keeping you from experiencing life fully and engage with what your soul is calling you to embrace.

Join us to:

GET CLEAR. Release what does not serve and embrace what wants to spring forth.
GET STILL. Connect with your intuition – your true source of wisdom.
GET GOING. Be inspired and create joyous momentum to carry you forward on your next step.

Isabel is an author, energy healing practitioner, and conscious living coach. She has been supporting individuals in their personal development and healing through workshops and individual sessions for over 15 years. As a channel, Isabel has the ability to connect with higher spiritual energies to share messages of wisdom, comfort and love for an individual’s healing and support along his or her spiritual path. Written works include The Soul’s Call to Awakening, Wisdom to Consider, and hundreds of spiritually inspired poems.




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